Recticel Rigid PIR Boards

We provide PIR insulation board that is suitable for partial fill cavity wall constructions up to 25m in height.

For your new build projects, our Recticel board ensures you benefit from high standards of insulation without a greater increase in the overall wall thickness – meaning the internal living space is not compromised. This is an increasingly significant benefit as thermal regulations become more stringent, ensuring that the footprint of the building is not increased with an larger cavity, a necessary compromise with lesser performing insulation’s.

The Recticel Eurowall Cavity wall insulation board is ideal for this application, and, if a lightweight block is used for the inner leaf construction, can meet the latest Building Regulation requirements with a single 130mm layer. When used within the masonry cavity walls constructed in accordance with BBA Certificate 02/3908, Eurowall Cavity will not prejudice the fire resistance properties of the walls. can supply Recticel insulation from stock or can produce bespoke boards to match the requirements of a specific project.
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Recticel Insulation Boards